Swarovski Urban Bird Walk with Eric ‘the Birdman’ Dempsey

There are far more feathered things to see around Dublin City Centre than you might imagine, and certainly more than the abundance of Pigeons and Gulls that everyone is used to! Join the engaging Eric ‘the Birdman’ Dempsey on an easy stroll around some familiar streets and have your eyes opened.

You’ll also have the chance to try out a range of spectacular Swarovski Optik binoculars and scopes

Whether you live in Dublin or are visiting for the day, there is no better way to discover the wonderful bird life hiding in our urban areas than a birding walk with Eric ‘the Birdman’ Dempsey, Ireland’s leading bird expert. He knows how and where to find the birds which allows you to simply relax and enjoy it.

Eric is also one of Ireland’s best-known bird photographers (check out his photos here) and an author of the best-selling Ireland’s Wildlife Year – a photographic journey of Ireland’s changing seasons. If you’re a photographer, he’ll be delighted to pass on his top digi-scoping tips and advise you on exactly the Swarovski bits you need to get shooting.

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