Sony Spring/Summer Cashback 2018

Claim Up To €230 Cashback on selected Sony cameras, lenses and accessories. Offer available from 2nd May until 2nd September 2018 (cashback values may vary on individual products within that time). Terms & conditions apply

Qualifying Compact Cameras:

Qualifying ILCE Cameras:

Qualifying Camcorders:

Qualifying E Lenses: Qualifying A Lenses:
SEL 10-18mm €50 SAL 135mm ZA €200
SEL 16-70mm ZA OSS €100 SAL 16-35mm ZA SSM II €145
SEL 18-105mm OSS PZ €50 SAL 24-70mm ZA SSM II €200
SEL 18-200mm OSS LE €60 SAL 24mm ZA SSM €90
SEL 24mm ZA €90 SAL 50mm ZA SSM €145
SEL 24-70mm F4 FE ZA OSS €100 SAL 85mm ZA  €145
SEL 24-70mm F2.8 GM* €115/€230 SAL 70-200mm G2  €200
SEL 35mm FE ZA €100 SAL 70-300mm G SSM II €145
SEL 55mm FE ZA €100 SAL 70-400mm G SSM II €200
SEL 70-200mm F4 FE G OSS €100 SAL 35mm G lens €200
SEL 70-200mm F2.8 GM* €115/€230 SAL 300mm G SSM II €465
SEL 16-35mm FE ZA OSS* €115/€230 SAL 500mm G SSM €930
SEL 28-135mm G FE PZ OSS €200 SAL 100mm Macro €90
SEL 24-240mm FE OSS  €115 SAL 135mm STF €145
SEL 35mm F1.4 FE ZA €100
SEL 90mm Macro G OSS €100 Qualifying Accessories:
SEL 70-300mm FE G OSS €100
SEL 50mm FE ZA €100 HVL-F43M €90
SEL 85mm F1.4 GM* €115/€230 HVL-F32M €50
SEL 100-400mm GM* €115/€230 HVL-F20M €60
SEL 100mm F2.8 GM* €115/€230 VG-C1EM €90
SEL 12-24mm €100 VG-C2EM €90
SEL 85mm F1.8 €60 VG-C77AM 80
SEL 18-110mm €400
SEL 18-200mm €60
*When Bought With A9, A7RM3 or A7SM2

Claiming Your Cashback

You must claim your cashback online from the official Sony Cashback Claim Website. If successfully submitted participants will receive an email from Sony(or their agents) within 24 hours confirming that their claim has been received and unique login details allowing customers to monitor their claim status.
You should receive your payment within 28 days of the claim being verified.


For answers to any of your other questions you can view the full Terms & Conditions on the official Sony website.

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